Why Use NanoCleanse

We All Need NanoCleanse!


Eating healthy means lots of fresh vegetables & fruits. But nature isn’t always the cleanest place, and many people touch your produce before it makes it to your local store or into your home. And as we all know from recent events with cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and more, it’s extremely important to make sure your produce is as clean as possible.

before and after nanocleanse

You wouldn’t wash your hands, clothes or dishes with water alone, then why wash vegetables and fruits with water alone?? Use NanoCleanse a natural cleaning agent to ensure your vegetables, fruit, meat and poultry are clean and healthy.

Vegetables & Fruits change 5 hands before reaching your home.


Organic produce can have higher levels of bacteria due to the use of natural fertilizers and the restrictions on how processors can clean the produce to adhere to current European Organic standards. Many of our customers use NanoCleanse on their organic produce when they purchase it to extend the shelf life as the high level of bacteria can accelerate normal deterioration.


NanoCleanse removes 98% of pesticides and waxes, meaning you only get the natural goodness of vegetables and fruits when you eat them. Studies have shown that if your children do eat their recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetable a day they can exceed the recommended daily limits for pesticides..


NanoCleanse is 100% Natural, uses only food approved natural ingredients, such as citric derivatives, natural minerals, natural vinegar and distilled water. NanoCleanse rinses away, leaving clean produce with no aftertaste or smell… just the taste and nutrition that nature intended!