cancellation and return policy

What is the general return policy on
We wish to ensure that all our customers have a hassle-free shopping experience. Our shopping policy will help you make a confident purchase with ease and comfort.

In case, the seal of the bottle is open, we will replace the same within 10 days of delivery and no extra amount will be charged.
Any damage which takes place prior to the product reaching the customer can be reported at

Complaints with reference to damaged bottles, leaking bottle, crushed bottle, which are placed 1 day after the product is delivered is not covered under the return policy, and no refund or replacement will be given for the same. Please ensure that the seal of the bottle is not opened before you return the same.

The product must be in the actual condition while returning. Please ensure that the seal is not open, and is kept in its original pack.

  1. Cancellation of the order?
    We will ensure that the order reaches you on time, but any delay because of unexpected circumstances will be informed to the customer by e-mail, and a genuine reason for the same will be given. Customer can either cancel or wait for their order. All orders prior to dispatch can be cancelled, and total amount will be returned. However, the order cannot be cancelled after the product is dispatched.

  2. Delay in Delivery Time?
    The company will do its maximum best to help its customers, and check with the courier company about the dispatched order till the product reaches your doorstep. However, please note that if there is a delay in delivery Prakruthik Health Care Pvt. Ltd. shall not be liable for the same. The customer is not entitled to any refund due to delay in delivery by the transport or courier company.

  3. How can one initiate a return?
    Damages to the product due to misuse of the same is not covered under the policy. Please ensure that bottle is sealed while you return the same.

  4. How do I cancel an order?
    Customers can cancel their order by e-mail before the product has been shipped. The entire amount will be refunded. However, one cannot cancel the product if the dispatch has been initiated.

  5. How can I alter my order?
    You can alter your order, till the product is dispatched and has reached the courier or shipping company.

  6. How long will the cancellation process take?
    Once you have requested for cancellation, it will take 1-2 business days to cancel the order and return your money. However, if you opt for money transfer, then it might take 7-10 business days for the banks to process the refund.