Welcome to Nanocleanse

Vegetables and fruits are laced with harmful chemicals and pesticides before they reach the final consumers. Washing with water alone simply isn't enough when you want the wholesome benefits of fresh produce.

What can you do to safeguard the health of your children and family?

You need something that cleans effectively and retains the nutrition, which is free from contamination. You need to switch to NanoCleanse!

NanoCleanse is a rich source of 'smart' nanoparticles from natural minerals. It instantly removes all harmful contaminants & impurities like oil-based pesticides, waxes, hazardous chemicals, chemical pollutants and pathogens from the surface of vegetables and fruits, making them safe to eat.

The uniquely conceived suspension in NanoCleanse comprises of adsorbents, surfactants & chelating agents which work in concert to effectively remove all surface contaminants and at the same time, to prevent foreign matter from being re-deposited.

NanoCleanse is also used to wash meat and poultry, to flush out bacteria and harmful particulate toxins.

Food service operators, consumers, Agri processors, and even government regulators have repeatedly raised eye-brows on issues related to chemical contamination on food items. Hence, we offer the best solution to this problem – “NanoCleanse.”

NanoCleanse Benefits at a Glance

  • Removes harmful pesticide, fungicide & herbicide residues, waxes, oils, dirt & deadly pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella.
  • Extends shelf life and slows wilting & browning of Fresh Vegetables & Fruits.
  • 100% Natural, Eco friendly & Vegan!
  • Made from 100% Food Grade Ingredients
  • Helps maintain natural aroma, organic flavour & appearance of vegetables and fruits
  • Reduces risk of sickness and diseases
  • Non-reactive, Non-carcinogenic, Readily bio-degradable
  • Tested & Proven by NABL accredited lab!
  • Foamless, Odorless & Colorless!
  • Completely Safe to use & Easy to store!
  • Doesn’t leave any aftertaste.
  • Washes off all surface contaminants in less than 3 minutes.



I have used NanoCleanse for both fruits and vegetables, and I must say that I am extremely satisfied by the result. After washing with the same, the vegetables look green and fresh. The best part is there is no artificial fragrance added to the product and does not even give a pungent chemical smell. This assures me that NanoCleanse is a safe product for my family.